Tales from the Edge of America

Tales from the Edge of America will be published on February 25th 2013.

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Tales from the Edge of America, Part 1: From New York to Montana 

What’s at the centre of North America? Why was an atomic bomb dropped on a family in South Carolina? Did pterodactyls terrorise the Wild West? And where can you tuck into a testicle festival?
Paul Smith embarks on journey where rest and relaxation is the only option; a week-long train journey across the United States to see his family. But curiosity gets the better of Paul, and he decides to keep going. And going.
On the Edge of America is a unique journey along coasts and borders to the four corners of mainland USA; from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Canada to Mexico, Paul explores several of the world’s greatest cities – and finds himself stranded in plenty more you’ve never heard of.
He encounters the Abominable Snowman in Maine, glugs illegal moonshine in Charleston, walks the lost neighbourhoods of New Orleans and finds himself alone in the New Mexican desert. He befriends the characters who prefer the unburdened commute by Amtrak train over the brevity of air travel, all of whom have their own tales to tell.
10,000 miles, 31 states, no turning back – On the Edge of America is a unique pilgrimage around the USA that never sits still.
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